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Roasted Mealworms and Waxworms

Mealie Snax Roasted Mealworms

Wax Snax Roasted Waxworms

We now offer Mealie Snax roasted mealworms as well as Wax Snax roasted Waxworms as specialty treats for Bluebirds and other songbirds. Natural, dry-roasted mealworms and dry-roasted waxworms make a highly nutritious snack that will not spoil. A great source of protein for your terrarium reptiles and songbirds that has unlimited shelf life.

Both Mealie Snax roasted mealworms and Wax Snax roasted wax worms are enjoyed by Bluebirds as well as Cardinals, Orioles, Robins, Thrushes, Waxwings, Blue Jays, Tanagers and many other insect eating birds as well. Roasted mealworms do not need refrigeration and offer an even higher protein and energy content than live mealworms.

Mealie Snax and Wax Snax can be offered to our feathered friends in any tray, platform, or mealworm feeder with no concern that they might crawl away. Birds will eat these quickly so you might want to mix Mealie Snax or Wax Snax with seed or fruit.

A size 6 cup of Mealie Snax holds 800 worms, a size 16 cup 2,000 worms, a size 72 cup 10,000 worms.

A size 6 cup of Wax Snax holds 330 worms, a size 16 cup 880 worms.



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Mealie Snax
Size 6 Cups (ea.) $14.00
Size 16 Cups (ea.) $19.50
Size 72 Cups (ea.) $49.00
Wax Snax
Size 6 Cups (ea.) $17.00
Size 16 Cups (ea.) $24.00
Size 72 Cups (ea.) $67.00


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