Trevo Worms

Trevo Worms

(Also called Butter Worms)
(Chilecomadia moorei)

Trevo Worms

A new and exciting live food source for your reptiles is now available!

The Trevo Worm is the soft-bodied larval stage of the Chilean Moth (Chilecomadia moorei) which is indigenous to the mountains of central Chile.

Trevo moth (female)

Collected by hand in these areas and shipped weekly to the USA, they are so named because the Chilean Moth lives and lays its eggs in the Trevo Bush (Trevoa trinervis). It is from this bush that the Trevo Worms are collected.

Trevo bush (Trevoa trinervis)

We believe that it is an important new food source for the reptile industry. Easily shipped and stored, and with outstanding nutritional content, it will rapidly gain in popularity as word spreads.

Our Trevo Worms are  available in mixed sizes (approx. ū” to 1 ―”).  They are approximately the length of Superworms, but are fatter and have soft bodies like Waxworms.

Nutritional Information
Moisture 58.54
Ash 1.04
Protein 16.20
Fat 5.21
Calories/Fat 87.73
Calcium (ml/100 grs) 42.90*

*The Calcium content is more than twice that of any other known feeder insect!

Shipping and Storage

Trevo Worms are shipped in wheat bran, whose sole purpose is as a bedding material and to absorb moisture. The Trevo Worms do not eat it. They can be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures of 42-45 degrees F. for extended periods of time. We have successfully stored them in the refrigerator for 4 months with minimal loss. The chance of morphosis into moths is minimal, as their lifespan in the larval stage is as long as 6 years. You may see that they occasionally spin cocoons, but this is not an indication of pending morphosis.




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  50 21.00
  75 29.50

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