Heating Roach Enclosures

Innovative Ways to Heat Roach Tanks

Tropical Roaches are heat loving creatures. That means that their housing is going to have to be heated to temperatures far above room temperature in order for them to breed and multiply. So how do you heat Tropical Roach tanks? We have some suggestions, from the commonly used tried and true methods to some innovative ideas that you might not have thought of .

#1 – Keep them in a very warm room.

If you have a room that stays over 85 degrees at night and goes up to 95 degrees during the day, you are all set. Just keep your roaches there. Since most of us do not have such a place, it’s on to the more realistic methods of keeping our Tropical Roaches warm and cozy.

#2 – Heat Tape.

Hurray for Heat Tape. Reptile breeders use it to heat their reptile racks and it works just as well under roach housing. Be sure that you attach a temperature control device so that the tape does not run too hot and cause problems. Use a three inch strip and place it under the tank, running down the middle. With a temperature control device, you can use heat tape under glass or plastic housing. This method works especially well if you want to run heat under multiple roach bins. If you have only one roach colony, method #3 might be more effective.

#3 – Reptile Heat Mats.

Heat mats sold in Pet Shops for placement under glass tanks work really well. Place the heat mat under one side of the tank and place at least some of egg crate condos on the same side. DO NOT USE ON PLASTIC, only use under glass tanks. Some brands of the heat mats look like sections of heat tape and some look more like heating pads for people. Either will work just fine as long as you keep them away from plastic. Always put them under, not inside, of glass tanks and keep the edges away from the plastic frame of your glass tank.

#4 – Heating Pads for People.

Buy a heating pad made for people in any drug store and keep the temperature setting on low. You can place it under the tank or tape it to the side of your Tropical Roach housing.

#5 – Light Bulb with Reflector.

If you are using anything with a screen cover you can place a reflector resting directly onto the screen facing down. Only use a red light bulb to keep it dark as roaches hate light.

#6 – Set Roach Housing on the old Radiator.

If you happen to live in an old building that uses steam or hot water radiator heat use the constant heat supply to your advantage. If you have radiator covers you can place your tropical roach housing on top of them. If not, place your tropical roach housing on a small table close, but not touching, the radiator.

#7 – Cable Box.

Have cable TV? The cable box is always on and supplies a constant free source of heat. Place the roach housing directly on top of the cable box with the egg flat condos over the warmer side. File storage boxes such as sold in any office supply store have black plastic sides so they don’t let in the light and they fit perfectly on top of the cable box.

#8 – Gas Stove.

If you happen to have a gas stove and are not too squeamish about constantly seeing your roaches then you have a perfect free source of heat. The pilot lights are always on so there is always heat. Of course, there is the inconvenience of having to move your roach housing every time you cook but they can just go right back on when cooking is done.


Closing Comments

Monitor your roach set ups frequently to make sure all goes well. Use common sense. After reading these suggestions you might be able to come up with other innovative ways to heat Tropical Roach enclosures that we haven’t even thought of!



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