Flightless Fruit Flies (Drosophilia)

Extra Large 32 oz Fruit Fly Cultures

We offer Drosophila hydei fruitflies to meet your feeding needs, since they reproduce profusely. Drosophila hydei have full wings and red eyes, but they can not fly due to genetically impaired wing muscles. They take about 25-30 days to complete their life cycle.

D. hydei are completely harmless. Fruit fly cultures are self-contained and require no maintenance. Flightless fruit flies are an excellent food source for young herps as well as arrow frogs, newts, salamanders, hatchling chameleons, spiderlings, mantids, bettas and tropical fish, etc. Fruit flies are a staple food with frog hobbyists. Fruit flies are also very useful as a live food source for finches, especially during nesting. We ship year-round, regardless of weather conditions and guarantee live delivery. We have no minimum order nor do we charge extra for winter shipping!

We ship professional extra large 32 oz cultures. Do not confuse these with those messy hobby grade cultures found elsewhere. These quality cultures generate thousands of Fruit Flies.

All Fruit Fly Cultures are made the day before shipping. It takes approximately 14 days before a culture will start producing hundreds upon hundreds of Fruit Flies for one month or more.

Cultures should be kept at room temperature. It is possible for you to control the reproductive rate of your cultures. Optimum reproductive rate occurs at temperatures of approximately 80 degrees. If you wish to slow the reproductive rate to allow a longer feeding period from a single culture, you can keep it at approximately 60 degrees.

Feeding Fruit Flies to Your Pets

To remove fruit flies for feeding, first lightly tap the culture on something hard. This will cause all of the fruit flies to fall to the bottom of the culture. Then simply remove the top and shake the desired number into a plastic bag used to coat them with your desired vitamin and/or mineral product. After coating, simply pour the fruit flies into your reptile housing and watch the feast. For aquarium fish, shake directly into the tank after tapping the Fruit Fly Culture to settle the flies.

Fruit flies are especially useful as feeders for many aquarium fish. Use Drosophila hydei for your larger surface feeding fish including live bearing fishes. Surface feeding live bearers are especially attracted to the fruit flies. The Drosophila hydei fruit flies flutter attractively on the surface, causing top feeding fishes to go nuts over them. Try Drosophila hydei fruit flies on Betta adults, Killifish, larger Gourami adults, Guppy adults, Apistogramma adults, and Angelfish.

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