Butterworms – Butter Worms


(Chilecomadia moorei)


Butter Worms


Natural Sweet Fragrance Butterworms now available!


Butterworms are used as a food source for a variety of pets including birds, small mammals, fish, lizards and other reptiles. Perhaps better known as fishing bait, Butterworms have been long used for fishing in their native country of Chile. Butterworms are well known in Europe where they are used extensively as both live pet food and fishing bait.


Female Moth


Butterworms have fat smooth bodies like waxworms but are much larger. We ship mixed sizes ranging from about 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch in length. Butterworms are the soft bodied larva of the Chilecomadia moorei moth native to the mountains of central Chile.




Nutritional Information
Moisture 58.54
Ash 1.04
Protein 16.20
Fat 5.21
Calories/Fat 87.73
Calcium (ml/100 grs) 42.90*




* Exceptionally high in Calcium!


Shipping and Storage


Our Butter Worms are shipped in wheat bran. The packing material is used to absorb moisture and not as a food source as the Butter Worms will not eat it. Store your Butter Worms at temperatures of 42 to 45 degrees F. in the refrigerator. They keep for extended periods of time. We have stored them successfully for 4 months with minimal loss. Make sure the bedding material remains dry, as moisture will kill the Butterworms. They do occasionally try to spin cocoons but will not pupate.






  10 $ 12.50
  25 14.50
  50 21.00
  75 29.50



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