Madagascar Hissing Roaches




Gromphradorhina portentosa



Madagascar Hissing Roaches are an interesting species of cockroach due to their size, appearance and behavior. Madagascar Hissing Roaches are a commonly kept species, popular both as feeder species for larger lizards and spiders and kept as pets themselves. Madagascar Hissing Roaches are easily maintained and reared, adding to their popularity.

Tropical roaches, Madagascar Hissing Roaches are native to the Island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. Large roaches, adult males and females grow to the same size at maturity, often as large as a small mouse. Madagascar Hissing Roaches are amongst the largest roaches in the world, a fact that no doubt has added to their increasing popularity as pets.

Hissers are calm, slow moving roaches that will not bite. When disturbed, they will either try to hide or hiss. Named for the hissing sound produced when air is forced thru breathing tubes on their abdomen, both male and female Madagascar Hissing Roaches produce the hissing sound. Often the whole colony will hiss loudly in unison.

Adult Madagascar Hissing Roaches resemble large beetles, averaging around three to four inches in size. Hissers are wingless, therefore canÂ’t fly. Males are easily distinguished from females by the presence of two raised bumps on their prothorax which resemble horns. Females lack horns.

Male Hissing Roaches use their horns to butt heads, like goats, to establish and defend territories. Aggressive hissing and posturing is used to warn other males away, however, interactions do not result in injury or death. Females do not fight either with the males or among themselves. Females and immature nymphs are allowed fee access to all territories.


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Madagascar Hissing Roaches are easy and fun to keep and breed. See Madagascar Hissing Roach Care and Breeding for more information.