New York Worms , with Executive Offices located in Long Island, New York, is owned and operated by Carlton and Rita Smith. We have bred animals our entire life and won national awards with Abyssinian cats and Paso Fino horses bred by us. We have also successfully bred Eclectus parrots, finches (including Red-Headed Parrot Finches), Australian Grass Parakeets, Ostrich and various breeds of dogs. We recently bred Tangerine and Hypo-Tangerine Leopard Geckos.

We have come a long way since Spring of 1998 when we decided to open our Internet business. Starting with earthworms, then Superworms, we have continued to expand. We now also raise mealworms and feeder roaches and are expanding our line of related products.

Little did we realize when we started raising composting earthworms for worm castings and vermicompost for our vegetable and flower gardens where it would lead. It started when we began wholesaling earthworms to local bait dealers. Soon after, we began raising Superworms and wholesaling them. After starting our Internet business, we continued to add other feeder insects. The addition of crickets led to a business explosion that we never expected - even in our wildest dreams!

We have taken the attention to nutrition that was a major contributing factor in our successes and applied it to our growing of feeder insects and bait products. We are committed to providing reptile, fish and bird breeders and owners with the most nutritional live food available.

European Nightcrawlers, Red Wigglers, Waxworms and Superworms are also considered among the best fresh-water baits.

We have owned and operated service businesses for many years and understand and practice those principles necessary to keep our customers returning - good service, good products and competitive prices.

•  Try us. We’re sure that you will be satisfied.


Carlton and Rita Smith

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