Turkistan Roaches

(Blatta lateralis)

Non climbing Turkistan Feeder Roaches now available!


Winged Adult Males Pictured

The hot new alternative to climbing Lobster Roaches!

Blatta lateralis males are blond in color, have wings and are approximately an inch in size at adulthood. The plumper dark brown Blatta lateralis adult females are also about an inch, or slightly larger. Adult females are wingless. Hatchling nymphs are blond colored. Blatta lateralis nymphs start out life at slightly smaller than an eight of an inch. As the hatchling nymphs grow larger, they also grow darker. Juveniles are red and reddish brown colored.

Turkistan Roach Group

From left to right- Adult Male, Adult Female, large juvenile, progressively smaller juveniles. Last pictured is an egg case.

Turkistan roaches originated in tropical areas of Asia and Africa including Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Soviet Central Asia, Kashmir and Afghanistan. Blatta lateralis were named after the Asian area of Turkistan, were they were once collected. Turkistan Roaches arrived in the United States when they were accidentally imported into California and Texas with the household goods of military personnel returning from the Middle East. Turkistan Roaches are a dessert species. They have now established successfully outdoors in certain semi dessert areas of Southern California, extreme Southern Texas and limited areas of Arizona.

Turkistan Roaches as Feeders

Turkistan Roaches could easily replace the Lobster Roach as the most popular and easily bred feeder roach in captivity. A Turkistan Roach is just a little smaller in size at adulthood and they have a similar high meat to shell ratio making them excellent feeders. Much like Lobster Roaches Turkistan Roaches are very thin shelled roaches making them easy to digest. Unlike lobster Roaches, however, they can not climb, thus making them easy to keep in their breeding container and in your reptile housing.

These roaches are fast!!! They move even faster than Lobster Roaches, which are known for their speed. They are also a very, very fast breeder, even slightly more so than Lobster Roaches. Turkistan Roaches reach adulthood in about three to five months and then usually live another six to twelve months. They do not give live birth but lay egg cases which they then leave behind to hatch out later. They are easy keepers and prolific breeders.


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Turkistan Roaches are easy to keep and breed. See Turkistan Roach Care and Breeding for more information.

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