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We specialize in mail order Superworms so you can order Superworms on line. No more hunting for superworms locally at ridiculously high prices, instead you can save money and order superworms shipped directly to you.

Superworms are an insect, the larval form of a big black beetle. Much larger than common mealworms and giant mealworms. Do not refrigerate Superworms or they will die.

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$26.95 per 100

$29.95 per 250

$34.95 per 500

$39.95 per 1,000

$61.95 per 2,000

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The price you see is the price you pay! No extra shipping or winter packing charges on our superworms.

As with all of our products, Live Delivery is Guaranteed!

Ordering Superworms? Read Hot/Cold Weather Feeder Shipments.

Need Giant Mealworms? We now Carry

Giant Mealworms

We now sell the same bedding material used by us to grow our Superworms and Mealworms. See


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