Redworms or Red Wigglers

(Eisenia foetida)

Call Them Redworms or Call Them Red Wigglers

Redworms, Red Wigglers, Red Worms, Red Wiggler Earthworms, Manure Worms, Red Wiggler Worms, Trout Worms, Compost Worms, Tiger Worms, and other names, whatever you want to call them, these popular and versatile earthworms have been both the composting worm of choice and the earthworm that most of us learned to fish with as kids.

Red Wigglers are epigeic earthworms, meaning they live on the soil surface. These Redworms are non burrowing and non migratory. Red Wigglers live in the top 12 inches of the earths surface. Redworms feed on decaying organic matter.

Red Wigglers are tough and hardy. Adaptable to many environments, Redworms have been breaking down organic waste to make natural fertilizer for millions of years. What is relatively new is the utilization of Red Wigglers to recycle food scraps by vermicomposting. Redworms can consume organic material equivalent to their body weight each day to produce castings equal to 75% of their body weight each day.

Use Red Wigglers to convert organic matter into high quality humus, providing your garden with earthworm castings, a complete natural fertilizer.

Redworms are prolific breeders, laying one egg capsule as often as every seven days. Each worm capsule will hatch an average of 3 to 4 earthworms. The hatched earthworms will grow into breeders in about three months. Keep your Red Wigglers happy and healthy, and you will find they multiply in far greater numbers and with more speed than any other earthworms. Raising and caring for earthworms is not difficult, see Earthworm Care and Feeding.

Redworms are very popular live bait for fish that prefer small baits, such as trout, bluegill, perch or crappie. Red Wigglers are easy to use as bait, easily surviving in temperatures between 38 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Redworms are very active on the hook, and last longer under water than most other earthworms. Another plus is that Red Wigglers are not as sensitive to temperature and sunlight as common nightcrawlers. Common nightcrawlers need to be kept cool to survive, and are toast in the heat and sun.

For smaller fish there is no better bait than Redworms/Red Wigglers.

For vermicomposting, there is no equal to Red Wigglers/Redworms

All around, Redworms/Red Wigglers are the best earthworms you can grow or buy.


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