Lobster roaches 

Lobster Roaches

(Nauphoeta cinerea)

Some Facts about Lobster Roaches - Scroll Down for Pricing

 Lobster Roaches are A Soft Bodied Roach
 Lobster Roaches are Native to the Caribbean
 Grow Only to About 1 1/4 Inch
 Adults Live About 1 Year
 Lobster Roaches Have Wings But Cant Fly
 Lobster Roaches Mature at About 3-4 Months Old
 Gestation  Carry Babies for About a Month
 Females Give Live Birth
 Young Born 30 or So at a Time
 Babies are Very Small About 3/16 of an Inch
 Lobster Roaches Make Great Food Items
 Lobster Roaches Breed Like Crazy
 Lobster Roaches Have No Odor
 Lobster Roaches Make No Noise
 Lobster Roaches Do Not Jump
 Lobster Roaches Do Not Bite
 Lobster Roaches are Easy to Care For

The only possible negative to Lobster Roaches is that they do climb glass or plastic. Dont let that deter you as Lobster roaches are very easily contained by smearing a three inch wide strip of Vaseline along the top edge of their enclosure.

Lobster Roaches as Feeders

Lobster roaches are an exceptional candidate for raising your own feeders. They are very easy to breed and require very little time or attention. Their soft bodies make them almost irresistible as a feeder insect. One can eliminate the need for buying crickets as feeders, and the money saved from that more that pays for the limited time investment the roaches will require.

On first glance Lobster roaches closely resemble house cockroaches. (Which are generally either American (Periplaneta americana) or German (Blattella germanica) cockroaches). The similarity, however, is only superficial and these insects are quite distinct from the pest species. Lobster roaches are a tropical species of cockroach which will not infest your house and would prefer to live outdoors in bark or leaf mulch.

Lobster roach


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Lobster roaches are easy to keep and breed. See Lobster Roach Care and Breeding for more information.

Keep Lobster Roaches from Escaping Your Pet Enclosures. See Ways to Feed Glass Climbing Roaches to Your Pets.

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