True or False Roach Quiz


Test your knowledge about feeder roaches by taking our feeder roach quiz.

# 1 – Roaches will bite you.

True or False?

# 2 – Roaches smell worse than crickets.

True or False?

# 3 – Lobster Roaches have become such popular feeders because they can not climb glass.

True or False?

#4 – My feeder roaches will fly away.

True or False?

# 5 – Roaches only live 2 months or so, just like crickets.

True or False?

# 6 – Orange Spotted and Dubia Roaches are the same.

True or False?

# 7 – Death Head Roaches have brown wings.

True or False?

# 8 – All roaches lay egg cases.

True or False?

# 9 – Six Spotted Roaches and Orange Head Roaches are closely related.

True or False?

# 10 – Dubia Roach males have wings while the females do not.

True or False?


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#1 – False – Roaches do not bite.

#2 – False – Unlike crickets, roach colonies do not smell.

#3 – False – Lobster Roaches do climb glass. They have become such popular feeders because they are small roaches that breed extremely quickly.

#4 – False- Most roaches do have wings but the ones we sell do not fly.

#5 – False- Roaches have long life spans compared to crickets, anywhere from 1 to 2 years, sometimes longer.

#6 – True- Guyana Orange Spotted Roaches, Orange Spotted Roaches and Dubia Roaches are all common names for Blaptica dubia.

#7 – False- Deaths Head Roaches have black wings.

#8 – False- Most of the popular feeder species give live birth.

#9 – True- Six Spotted Roaches are Eublaberus distanti while Orange Head Roaches are Eublaberus prosticus.

#10 – True- This is one of the easiest roaches to sex as you can tell the adults apart at a glance.


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