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We at New York Worms will be offering specials on a regular basis. Our feeder and supply combos are an excellent way to try something new to you and save money at the same time. We have just added three new specials, be sure to check them out. The following are our current offers:

Remember, all our Specials INCLUDE shipping and we guarantee live delivery!

Mealworm Combo Special only only $45.75*

If you are undecided or would like to see the difference between common mealworms and giant mealworms, try our Mealworm Combo Special. Includes 1,000 giant mealworms and 2,000 medium mealworms.  


Mealworm Delight Special only $29..00*

Includes 1,000 Medium Mealworms and 1,000 Small Mealworms. 


Meal Wax Special only $45.00*

Includes 2,000 medium mealworms and 250 waxworms.


* Prices include shipping and handling in the Continental US only.
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Book/Video Specials




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Both only $45.00

Whether you are contemplating growing worms either for personal use or starting a part-time business, this Special will enable you to also see what the authors are explaining in their well-written comprehensive book.


Recycle with Redworms: The Red Wiggler Connection

By: Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel


Regularly $15.00

This 1997 work is absolutely the best weve seen on the subject! Vermi-composting and raising earthworms has never been as easy to understand and employ. This book by two Master Composters with a combined 25 years experience is a must read. Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel share their wealth of knowledge with environment-conscious organic gardeners, hobbyists and commercial worm farmers. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will appreciate the precise, clear, personal instruction as the authors reveal their trade secrets. Tons of illustrations – and an important trouble-shooting chapter too!


The Red Wiggler Connection-A NEW DVD!

By: Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel

Regularly $35.00

Grossman and Weitzel have done it againwhat a great companion to the book! This video shows you, without gimmicks or sales pitches, how to be successful in your vermicomposting and/or worm raising venture. The sole purpose of this 31-minute high quality video is to make sure you understand the techniques and principles described in their highly acclaimed book. Sit back, relax, enjoy – and understand worm composting and raising from a fresh, innovative perspective.

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