Roaches make both great feeders and interesting low maintenance pets. Children usually find them fascinating, plus they are very easy to keep and are easy to raise. Roaches are eagerly preyed upon by even the most finicky insectivores. Lizards, aquatic turtles, box turtles, frogs, toads, snakes, arachnids, and larger tropical fish all enjoy them. Baby roaches are about the size of a ladybug, so you easily have the appropriate size feeder readily available for herps of all sizes.

Feeder roaches are easy to keep since they accept a wide range of foods and thrive on high protein diets, making them lower in fat content. Once established, they breed readily, making them easily cultured at home. More nutritious than crickets or mealworms, feeder roaches have a higher meat to shell ratio than either crickets or mealworms, making them easier to digest.

Roaches are quiet, they dont drive you insane with their constant chirping. Roaches dont jump all over the place, making them easier to contain. Roaches are long lived with a lifespan of a year or more. Roaches dont smell and dont need their cages cleaned as often. Roaches dont bite.

Our feeder roaches are not the pest species house roaches seen running for cover when the lights go on. Those pests are generally American (Periplaneta americana) or German (Blattella germanica) cockroaches. Instead, our feeder roaches are tropical roaches from warm faraway places. Tropical roaches will not infest your home, even if they accidentally escape. We offer Madagascar Hissing Roaches (Gromphradorhina portentosa), Lobster Roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea),Orange Headed Roaches (Eublaberus prosticus), Discoid Roaches (Blaberus discoidales), Guyana Orange Spotted Roaches (Blaptica dubia), Blaberus craniifer hybrid Roaches (Blaberus species), Six Spotted Roaches (Eublaberus distanti) and Turkistan Roaches (Blatta lateralis).

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Lobster Roaches

(Nauphoeta cinerea)

Native to the Caribbean region. Lobster roaches climb glass. Very fast breeders.

Lobster roaches make exceptional feeder insects. They grow up to one and a quarter inches as adults, making them only slightly larger at maturity than adult crickets. Lobster roaches are soft bodied roaches, their exoskeleton is thinner than many other kinds of roaches, thus making them a high meat to shell ratio feeder. Lobster roaches have wings but can not fly. They do not smell. Even the most finicky of reptiles love them. Critters just cant get enough of them.

For additional information visit Lobster Roaches.

For information on care and housing see Lobster Roach Care and Breeding.

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Mixed sizes shipped.

Orange Head Roach

(Eublaberus prosticus)

Native to South America. Non flyers, non climbing species.

Orange Head Roaches are beautifully marked strikingly colored roaches considered to be one of the most beautiful of the roach species. The nymphs are a deep red maroon color. Orange Head Roaches have wings but can not fly. They grow to an adult length of about two inches and live for about a year. Orange Headed Roaches are more carnivorous than most other species of roaches. In spite of this, Orange Head Roaches are not difficult to raise and are very good breeders. Make sure that the colonies are not crowded and keep an abundant supply of high protein food available at all times.

For additional information visit Orange Head Roaches.

For information on care and housing see Orange Head Roach Care and Breeding.

Discoid Roaches

(Blaberus discoidales)

Native to Mexico, Central and South America. Non Climbing, Non Flying Species.

Discoid roaches have been one of the more common feeder roaches in the pet industry here for the past few years. Sometimes called False Death Head roaches, these roaches have no noticeable similarities to Death Head roaches. Discoid roaches have wings but can not fly. They grow to their adult length of about two inches and live for another 12 months or so. Another live bearing species.

For additional information visit Discoid Roaches.

For information on care and housing see Discoid Roach Care and Breeding.

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Guyana Orange Spotted Roaches

(Blaptica dubia)

Native to Central and South America including French Guyana. Non Climbing, Non Flying Species.

Often just called Dubia Roaches, this is a popular feeder roach in Europe. Dubia are amoung the easiest roaches to sex. Adult males have full wings while adult females have only tiny wing stubs, making them very easy to tell apart. A medium/fast breeder that gives birth to live young. They grow to their adult length of one and one half to two inches and live for up to 24 months or more.

For additional information visit Guyana Orange Spotted Roaches and Dubia Roaches .

For information on care and housing see Dubia Roach Care and Breeding and/or Guyana Orange Spotted Roach Care .

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Turkistan Roach

(Blatta lateralis)

Native to Asia and Africa. Non Climbing, Non Flying Species. Easy keepers and fast breeders.

Turkistan Roaches are commonly found in tropical areas, even some sections of the United States. Small and fast, they can move extremely quickly. They are smaller than Lobster Roaches, reaching about three quarters of an inch at maturity. Turkistan Roaches usually reach adulthood in 3 to 5 months and live for another 6 to 12 months after that.

Adult Blatta lateralis are easy to sex as only the adult males have wings. Non climbing and non flying, they make a great alternative choice for those who don’t want to keep Lobster Roaches due to their climbing ability. Blatta lateralis are egg layers but breed as quickly, or even more so, than Lobster Roaches.

For pictures and additional information visit Turkistan Roaches.

For information on care and housing see Turkistan Roach Care and Breeding.



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