Madagascar Hissing Roaches



Madagascar Hissing Roaches

(Gromphradorhina portentosa)

Native to the island of Madagascar. Hissing roaches climb glass.

Madagascar Hissing Roaches are the most popular and well known species of roaches in the world. They are commonly kept as pets and also as feeders for many species of reptiles. When properly cared for, they can live for two years or more. Large roaches, they grow up to three inches in length. Named after their primary defense mechanism, Hissers produce a short screeching hiss when picked up or disturbed. Males are distinguished by hornlike structures of top of their heads, used to push other males around when competing for territory or for the attention of a female. Despite this formidable appearance Hissing roaches do not move quickly and they do not bite! They become quite tame with frequent handling.

Madagascar Hissing Roaches are wingless and prefer to live in groups. They are odor free. For best results, keep them at 80 to 95 degrees with high humidity. Roaches like high temperatures. Roaches kept at cooler will slow down, eat less and not breed.

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