Hot and Cold Weather Feeder Shipments

Hot and Cold Weather Feeder Shipments



For years we were able to ship crickets Priority Mail thru the USPS. We would have them held for pickup during extremely hot or extremely cold weather. However, due to changes in Post Office regulations concerning live shipments we are only able to ship crickets by Postal Service in the State of California.

California Crickets are shipped USPS, Extreme Western States Crickets are Shipped Fed Ex. All other areas are shipped DHL or UPS with the vast majority of our crickets now going DHL. Therefore, H&C (except for California) is no longer used for cricket shipments.

For Both UPS and DHL Cricket Shipments Please Note:


UPS Delivery signature needed for Live Delivery Guarantee to be in effect when crickets shipped DHL or UPS. Crickets are not guaranteed if not signed for when the package is delivered.

Have your crickets shipped where someone is available to sign. Notification for replacement crickets must be made within 48 hours of receipt of shipment. We can no longer afford to replace shipments with late notification.

If your crickets are dormant or appear dead upon arrival warm them using our cricket warm up instructions near the end of this page. Crickets must be warmed for at least 4 hours before reporting them DOA.

Cricket shipments will be delayed if temperatures are excessively hot (over 96 degrees) or cold at time and place of delivery. Expected daytime temperatures of under 32 degrees or nighttime temperatures of under 20 degrees sometimes result in a delay of cricket shipment.

We guarantee Live Delivery regardless of temperatures which is why we reserve the right to delay cricket shipment in extreme weather conditions. Customers are always notified by e-mail if the shipment will be delayed in which case you can choose to waive the Live Delivery Guarantee to have crickets shipped sooner.



Most of our Superworms are shipped Priority Mail with some shipments going DHL.

We have found that Superworms fall somewhere between crickets and mealworms as far as temperature sensitivity is concerned. They can not take the cold during shipping as well as mealworms and giant mealworms but usually are not as cold sensitive as crickets. In the summer they take the heat during shipping better than mealworms but not as well as crickets. We do heat pack superworms when needed.

We guarantee Live Delivery regardless of temperatures which is why we use H&C at our discretion.



Most of our Mealworms are shipped Priority Mail with some shipments going DHL. All giant mealworms are shipped Priority Mail.

Mealworms can take the cold pretty well as one might expect as they are commonly stored in the refrigerator. So we rarely need to have them held at the PO for cold weather but do so routinely for warmer weather. When daytime temperatures are expected to be over 85 in the summer, we have mealworms and giant mealworms held at the Post Office for pickup instead of being delivered directly to your door.

We guarantee Live Delivery regardless of temperatures which is why we use H&C at our discretion.


An Explanation of Hold & Call

Often we have feeders held at the post office for pickup during extreme temperatures instead of riding around in the back of a postal truck.

The shipping label will show hold at post office and call for pickup (with your phone number) on the label. The post office should call you instead of putting your feeders in back of a postal truck for delivery. This is to insure that your shipment arrives alive and well. They will be at the local post office for pickup that delivers the mail to the street address. If you do not hear from them, they might not have been able to reach you and you should check your post office for your feeders.

We send e-mail shipping notices to our customers telling you the date your shipment is sent out. You will be notified by this e-mail at time of shipment that your feeders are to be held at the Post Office for pickup.


Cricket Warm Up Instructions:

We make every effort to keep crickets warm during cold weather through the use of double boxing and heat packs. If you receive crickets that “look dead”, they may just be dormant. If you warm them, you may revive your entire shipment or at least enough to hold you over until we are able to reship.

Empty them out of the cold box into a tank with: 

•  A heating pad under it
•  A hot rock inside
•  A heat lamp over it

It will take up to 4 hours to revive the crickets. They may be dehydrated, so provide ample water. If you still experience problems, please notify us within 24 hours!!!

Thank you! 

Carlton and Rita Smith