Domestically grown earthworms are rapidly surpassing their wild-harvested cousins for use as fishing bait as well as live food for herps, pond and aquarium fish. Red Wigglers (also known as Redworms or Red Worms) and European Nightcrawlers are the best and most popular of those varieties grown commercially and for personal use.

In his book Encyclopedia of Live Foods (TFH Publications, not in print), Charles Masters stated that earthworms are the best all-around live food available for fish. Many herp and bird owners and breeders, too, are discovering the benefits of earthworms as live food. The two varieties of earthworms we feel are the best for either composting or use as live food and bait are Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers.

European Nightcrawlers (Dendrabaena veneta)

Recently introduced to the U.S., European Nightcrawlers are rapidly being recognized as an ideal bait and live food worm. Nice and fat, European Nightcrawlers grow to at least 4 inches, and can grow up to eight inches. They are widely used as bait for bass and other larger fish. European Nightcrawlers are also an excellent food for larger herps and aquarium and pond fish and may be utilized for vermicomposting by those wishing grow a larger worm.  Many fishermen have been successfully using European Nightcrawlers as a salt-water bait. They can be refrigerated as well as kept at room temperature and will hold in cups for several weeks.

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Since our introduction of the European Nightcrawler, we have become even more convinced of its future as the optimum earthworm. We are constantly increasing our production capability to meet our escalating demand.

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If you are investigating a potential home-based business, you should investigate the potential of the earthworm business. As more people fish and the popularity of herps and pond and aquarium fish grow, the year-round demand for earthworms grows. Their demand far exceeds their supply!

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