Cricket Warm Up

Crickets Often Go Dormant In The Cold

Warm Them and Revive Them!


If your crickets appear to be dead on arrival (DOA) they most likely need to be warmed up. Crickets are cold blooded and cannot maintain their body temperature during shipping.

Crickets left outside go dormant with the cold. They may look dead but often, this is not the case. Especially if they were subjected to the cold only for an hour or so. Under normal winter conditions they will warm up and be fine if you follow these easy instructions.

Remove the crickets immediately from their cold box and place them in a storage container or tank. Spread them out..

Warm them up using a heat lamp or heating pad. It may take up to four hours for the crickets to revive.
Make sure they have plenty of moisture after they wake up. The crickets will be very thirsty.
Crickets must be warmed up acording to directions before reporting them DOA.

Please check for cricket delivery IMMEDIATELY upon returning if someone was not available during delivery. If home, check for cricket boxes left by delivery drivers and do not assume that they will ring the bell when delivering live feeders.

Have your crickets delivered to a location where you can take care of them immediately upon receipt. In the winter, we do not recommend shipping them to your workplace because the crickets are less likely to revive if they sit inside the cold shipping box for hours.


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