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The following books about earthworms, every earthworm grower should have in their “Earthworm Library”. Each is by a specialist in some phase of the industry and written to:

• Help you get a better start with earthworms
• Raise better earthworms
• Do a better job selling your earthworms
• Realize a better profit from your earthworms

Recycle with Redworms: The Red Wiggler Connection

By Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel      $15.00

This 1997 work is absolutely the best we have seen on the subject! Vermi-composting and raising earthworms has never been as easy to understand and employ. This book by two Master Composters with a combined 25 years experience is a must read. Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel share their wealth of knowledge with environment-conscious organic gardeners, hobbyists and commercial worm farmers. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will appreciate the precise, clear, personal instruction as the authors reveal their trade secrets. Tons of illustrations – and an important trouble-shooting chapter too!


The Red Wiggler Connection-A DVD!

By Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel      $25.00

Grossman and Weitzel have done it again. What a great companion to the book! This DVD shows you, without gimmicks or sales pitches, how to be successful in your vermicomposting and/or worm raising venture. The sole purpose of this 31-minute high quality DVD is to make sure you understand the techniques and principles described in their highly acclaimed book. Sit back, relax, enjoy – and understand worm composting and raising from a fresh, innovative perspective.


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As the Worm Turns: New and Easy Methods for Raising Earthworms
By Roy and Dianne Fewell      $10.00
This book with a cute name has some seriously unique and valuable information. We are always looking for a new and fresh approach to worm farming with lots of experience to back up the instruction. This book is it!The authors and their family have been in the business of raising big, beautiful, bait-size red worms for nearly fifty years. If you are interested in raising worms for the much-in-demand bait market, or just want to maintain a hobby-sized farm, this book is packed with wonderful worm wisdom.

The current market conditions, outdoor bed construction, feeds, fattening, harvest techniques and much more are all discussed in an easy to understand format.

Dear Charlie
Compiled by Patrick H. Shields      $10.00
The worlds most renowned wormologist responds to your questions about worm farming in this 64-page book, a collection of correspondence between the late Charlie Morgan and worm farmers around the world. They ask a wide variety of questions and Charlie answers them in his inimitable style.His scientific knowledge and ability made him the leading expert and authority in worm farming. This led to an extensive consulting business in addition to helping anyone who needed it. The letters are classified by subject matter, including: Red Worms, African Nightcrawlers, Northern (Canadian) Nightcrawlers, Pests, Pharmaceuticals and miscellaneous material.

Raising Earthworms For Profit
By Earl B. Shields      $12.00
This comprehensive book, we believe, is more useful to the earthworm grower or perspective grower than any other that has been published. 128 pages of sound, usable information with 62 photographs and 37 drawings present many ideas, methods and advertising and sales help for the beginning or established grower.

Profitable Earthworm Farming

By Charlie Morgan      $10.00

A comprehensive treatise by a research biologist who is also an earthworm breeder; a detailed scientific study of earthworm biology, history, types, classifications and reproductive processes – PLUS many practical suggestions for beddings, feeding, handling, housing, heating, grading and counting, packaging and selling. Chapters also on Native and African Nightcrawlers, Mealworms, Crickets, Grasshoppers and other live baits.

Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide
By Charlie Morgan     $10.00
Tells how to sell at home or nation-wide at a profit, how to write a classified ad that brings inquiries and how to write a good sales letter. It explains licenses and postal regulations, packages and packaging materials and where to get them. An excellent reference that every worm grower should have.
Harnessing the Earthworm
By Thomas Barrett     $14.00
Dr. Barrett describes his book as “A practical inquiry into soil building, soil conditioning and plant nutrition through the action of earthworms, with instruction for the intensive propagation and use of domesticated earthworms in biological soil building”. It has facts, figures and illustrations showing how earthworms can be applied to condition your soil for better plants, more beautiful gardens and richer crops. 166 pages.

The ABCs of the Earthworm Business
By Ruth Myers     $10.00
The author draws upon ten years of experience in building one of Californias largest worm farms to give information the “newcomer” wants to know, including such topics as selecting breeding stock, getting off to the right start, marketing, selling to bait dealers and mail orders. 64 pages.

The Worm Farm
By Charlie Morgan     $10.00
A diary of the author establishing a successful worm farm and business. He tells the experiences of a worm grower including the headaches and triumphs that were part of starting and building a successful business. 76 pages.

Larger Red Worms
By George H. Holwager     $8.00
An interesting report by an earthworm breeder whose eminent success has been largely due to his ability to produce a larger red worm faster and at amazingly low cost. He passes on to others the story of his revolutionary feeding and fattening methods. 36 pages with illustrations of refreshingly different earthworm raising information.

Raising Fishworms With Rabbits
By Howard “Lucky” Mays      $10.00
The author, a breeder of champion rabbits, shares his experiences in establishing a profitable business of raising fishworms under rabbit hutches, an ideal condition. 64 pages, 21 photos.

Earthworm Feeds and Feeding
By Charlie Morgan $10.00
A research report based on many years work and experience solving worm breeding problems. Tells how to prevent mites, acid beds, protein poisoning. Answers questions about best feeds and the use of antibiotics. Describes method for making synthetic manure plus many other ideas and methods used by leading worm growers. Its 84 pages are filled with vital information. A valuable reference for every worm grower.

Manual of Therapeutic Medications & Pesticides for Worm Growers
By Charlie Morgan     $10.00
This book covers everything from a chemical worm toughener to safe use of pesticides and medications. It explains how to control mites and other insects, harmful bacteria and acidity, plus methods of controlling capsule production and growing larger worms. 100 pages.

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The Worm Farm


Profitable Earthworm Farming


Earthworm Selling & Shipping Guide


Raising the African Nightcrawler


Earthworm Feeds & Feeding


Dear Charlie



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How to Preserve Bait of All Kinds


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