Discoid Roaches


Blaberus discoidales

Discoid Roaches are, and have been, a popular feeder roach in the US for many years. They are the best known of the non climbing feeder roaches commonly bred as food items for the reptile industry. Both adult male and adult female Discoid Roaches have wings but can not fly. Discoid Roaches are live bearers. They are good breeders but not as prolific breeders as both Orange Headed or Blaptica dubia Roaches. Like all roaches Discoid Roaches have a high meat to shell ratio and immature roaches can be used as feeders at any appropriate size for reptiles and arachnids.

• Discoid Roaches Can Not Climb
• Discoid Roaches Have Wings But Can’t Fly
• Adults Grow to Approx 2 Inches
• Adults Live About 1 Year
• Discoid Roaches Mature at About 3-4 Months Old
• Gestation – Carry Babies for About a Month
• Females Give Live Birth
• Young Born 30 or So at a Time
• Babies are Born About 1/4 of an Inch
• Discoid Roaches Make Great Food Items
• Discoid Roaches Have No Odor
• Discoid Roaches Make No Noise
• Discoid Roaches Do Not Jump
• Discoid Roaches Do Not Bite
• Discoid Roaches are Easy to Care For

As with all the Tropical Roaches Discoid Roaches should be kept warm and well fed for optimum breeding success. Supply them with hiding places, high protein food, veggies or water crystals for moisture, and keep them at 90 degrees or so and your colony will reward you by breeding and multiplying.

Discoid Roaches


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Discoid Roaches are easy to keep and breed. See Discoid Roach Care and Breeding for more information.

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