House Crickets (Acheta domesticus) are a proven and nutritious food for many herp species. Live crickets are the most widely used feeder available. Live crickets are also an excellent fishing bait, especially during the heat of summer. To bait a hook with a cricket, fasten it to the hook with a small rubber band. You can use crickets to catch small pan fish found in most lakes, ponds and streams as well as bass, pickerel, bream, catfish and trout.

Many bird breeders have discovered the benefits of feeding freshly killed crickets instead of small mealworms. Finches and other smaller birds are especially fond of them.  See Cricket Care and Feeding for further information.

The complete life cycle of House Crickets is approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Your decision of the correct cricket size to buy depends upon how you plan to use them. For fishing, buy adult crickets. If you plan to feed live crickets to your pets, care must be given to not feeding crickets that are too large for them. A common rule-of-thumb for smaller lizards is to feed crickets that are no more than 1/3 the width of their head. For finches and other small birds, buy pinhead crickets or 1/8 to 1/4 inch crickets.

Our crickets are available in 6 sizes:

  Pinheads     Pinhead
  Approx. 1/8 inch     Size #10
  Approx. 1/4 inch     Size # 2
  Approx. 1/2 inch     Size #2.5
  Approx. 3/4 inch     Size #3
  Adult     Adult

Can't quite visualize the cricket sizes? See our Cricket Size Chart.

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1-4,000 crickets $27.00 per Thousand
5,000 & more any size $22.00 per Thousand
*Includes double boxing and heat pack when required.

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Top Hat Brand 30% Calcium Cricket Food for the optimum gut-load.
15 oz jar 8.75

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New to crickets and need some additional information? Visit Cricket Care and Feeding.

Dont want to be serenaded at night by "rogue" crickets? Read Transferring Crickets from Shipping Box to their Storage Bin.

Did you know that there are different types of crickets? See Common Crickets to learn more about the common species of crickets.

Try dry roasting crickets. See Dry Roasted Crickets for our recipe.

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