Heat Packs

Shipping Warmers

35 Hour Heat Packs and 60 Hour Heat Packs

For Shipping Tropical Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects and More.

35 Hour Heat Pack35 Hour Heat Pack

60 Hour Heat Pack60 Hour Heat Pack

Are you shipping or transporting Fish, Tropical Fish, Coral, Reptiles of any kind, Frogs, Amphibians, Insects, Worms, Microbes or Fauna this Winter?

Add Heat Packs or Shipping Warmers during cold weather transport or shipping.

35 Hour Heat Pack

35+ Hour Heat Packs

The heat pack of choice for all next day deliveries! Allows for margin of error in case delivery is delayed.

60 Hour Heat Pack

60 Hour Heat Packs

Use when shipping delays are probable or to ship 2nd day rates.

Heat Pack Instructions

How to use Heat Packs or Shipping Warmers

Easy to use. Each Heat Pack is individually wrapped. Simply remove from plastic packaging and shake. Heats Packs are turned on when removed from packaging and exposed to air. Heat Pack ingredients of high grade iron powder are non toxic, non flammable and biodegradable. Instuctions for use are printed on the back of each heat pack.

Heat Packs or ShippingWarmers are available in either 35+ Hour or 60 Hour duration making them particularly suitable for shipping from or shipping to colder climates. Protect your precious cargo during shipping or transport.


35 Hour $2.50
3- 35 Hour 6.00
60 Hour 3.00
3- 60 Hour 8.00
10- 60 Hour 25.00

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35 Hour Heat Pack

35 Hour Heat Pack

35 Hour Heat Pack

Warmers:Heat Packs for Shipping

For Shipping Reptiles

For Shipping Insects

For Shipping Fish

For Shipping Tropical Fish

For Shipping Frogs

For Shipping Amphibians

And Much More!

Heat Packs Individually packaged. Air activated. Remove cellophane immediately prior to use.

Prices on Heat Packs or Shipping Warmers do not include shipping charges.

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