Death Head Roaches

Death's Head Roaches

True Deaths Head Roaches 

Blaberus craniifer

True Deaths Head Roaches

Found throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Also South Florida. Non Climbing, Non Flying Species.

Death Head or Death’s Head Roaches got their name from the pattern on their pronotum that looks like a skull or vampire marking. Real Death’s Head Roaches have jet black wings are very light, almost white, around the pronotum (front of the dorsal plate).

Blaberus craniifer is the most misidentified and certainly one of the most difficult to find roaches. Most Roaches commonly sold as Death Head Roaches are either a Blaberus craniifer cross or another species, usually Discoid Roaches.

Death Head Roaches are a live bearing species that grow to three inches or more. They are nervous roaches that are slow breeders. However, they are striking looking roaches.

As with all the Tropical Roaches, Blaberus craniifer or Deaths Head roaches should be kept warm and well fed for optimum breeding success. Supply them with hiding places, high protein food, veggies or water crystals for moisture, and keep them at 90 to 95 degrees and your colony will reward you by breeding and multiplying.

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